Beyond The Emergency Fund to 100K

With Angel Radcliffe

When: Saturday Sept 18th , 2021 @ 11am CST

Where: Online Webinar

Why: Because you need more than 3-6 months for an emergency!

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One thing the pandemic taught us, is 3-6 months is not enough for an emergency…

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Learn savings strategies to get you on track to budget and secure funds beyond 3-6 months Ms. Radcliffe will share how she was able to save 100k in 18 months along with

  • Foundational Budgeting and Savings strategies
  • How to map your money journey
  • Identifying your ‘safety net’ number
  • What’s the right way to organize a budget?

Your Host: Angel Radcliffe

Speaker, Author, Business Consultant & Award-Winning Financial Educator, featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Fox, Amerian Express & Buzzfeed. Driven by a passion for Financial Literacy, Ms. Radcliffe works within communities to teach the strategies of Budgeting & Financial Management for Consumers and Entrepreneurs.

This class is for you if...

  • You want to build an emergency fund and have trouble understanding your 'safety net'
  • You want to understand your money story and how to organize a budget.
  • You want to learn savings strategies that allow you to save more than 3-6 months for an emergency
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Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

For as long as I remember, every time I saved for emergencies... an emergency would happen, causing me to use my savings/emergency fund. I was left starting over from square one, often leveraging bonuses from work or a tax return to cover the next 'emergency'.

In my 20's, I started noticing a trend... I was going broke from Nov - Jan, celebrating holidays, traveling, and buying gifts. Overspending on holidays left me waiting on a tax refund in the late winter/early spring. I wanted better for myself, to actually have money saved for emergencies and then some.

Of course, saving is hard especially with the many roadblocks in life, and I've experienced several;

  • In 2009, I was laid off from corporate America, drained my 401k, and was set back due to the recession, I was unable to save again or restart 401k until 2011
  • In 2014 my mom was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, some of my savings were spent on her bills, and me traveling back and forth to take care of her.
  • In 2015, I left corporate to work on my business full time and used what was left of my savings to bootstrap through 2016.
  • Rebuilding my savings again in late 2016 was only met with another ‘emergency’ in 2017.

I set a goal, to save 100k over the next two years. I started finding ways to save and making small sacrifices until I was able to save $10k, 20k... 50k, and eventually 100k.

I saved 100k! And I was able to do it in less than the 2-year goal I set for myself, I met the goal in 18 months!

If I can do this, YOU can too! While all of our budgets look different and timelines may vary, you can reach a savings goal BEYOND THE EMERGENCY FUND —and I'd love to share some strategies with you.

So... are you in?

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